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Common Problem About Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is definitely a different experience for almost every mother and baby, exactly what works well with one woman might not exactly work with the next. It is possible to sight countless benefits and advantages of breastfeeding towards the mother and the baby. Unfortunately, there are some distractions brought on the feeding mother. During the first couple of weeks of breastfeeding, it is usually uncomfortable and painful. A woman’s nipples become sore or damaged. She may go through engorgement of the breast as a result of slow or stopped up milk ducts, which can cause mastitis, and also a painful infection of the breast.  Although, almost all breastfeeding issues might be solved by using natural home remedies, mastitis needs immediate medical treatment.
There are  common problems encountered by breastfeeding women.

Sore Nipples
Are tend to be more than only a pain. This kind of problem is often a major reason for early discontinuation of breastfeeding your baby. Nipple pain not only will hinder the mother-baby connection, but also could lead to loss of milk and reduced baby’s growth. You can prevent this by 
  •  Making sure that the baby is sucking the right way.
  • Let the nipples dry out in between feedings.
  • Satisfy the baby, first using the nipple, which is less sore.
  • Change breastfeeding positions
  •  Clean  the nipples everyday with warm water and dry it correctly
Infection or painful lumps
Even if your baby snapped on the right way, you might come up with a sore or sensitive spot within your breast, or maybe a painful lump. An oversupply of milk can develop your breast for numerous factors. Some areas of your breast might not be drained throughout a feed. This is the particular area of your breast that may feel uncomfortable or painful. It is essential to deal with a painful breast or a blocked duct immediately to ensure that it doesn’t result in mastitis ( swelling of the breast).

Inadequate Supply of Breast Milk
This is usually a problem with mothers which are often within lots of stress and difficult to relax. The most frequent reason women give up on breastfeeding is simply because they believe that their baby is not getting a sufficient amount of milk, however in most cases the mother contains an adequate supply. There are many explanations why a mother probably won’t produce good enough of milk, such as breast infections, breast engorgement, inverted nipples, sore nipples and stress.

You can deal it with
  • Make an effort to relax
  • Always have sufficient rest
  • Change breastfeeding positions
  • Seek the advice of a doctor in case the problems persist.
Inverted Nipples
It is a nipple that inverts or goes into the breast rather than going outwards each time a baby attempts to suck from it. A basic remedy, that will begin from the seventh month of the pregnancy, is the Hoffman’s technique. The thumb and index finger are placed contrary to each other close to the areola after that pulled back and forth to stretch out the areola. Continue doing this technique about five times each and every morning. The nipple can become erect after which it is simpler to grasp so that it could be slowly and gently pulled out.

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