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Adam and Eve: Baby Clothing online NZ

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Adam and Eve Baby Wear are always trying to source the most adorable and fashionista clothing  for little ones at the most ‘affordable’ and ‘cheap’ price possible for your customers.
With the seasons changing, our New Zealand climates getting chillier we have had to start the new season with warmer and ‘comfortable clothing’ for the babies of New Zealand.
It’s always a challenge for our team at Adam and Eve to ensure that ‘quality clothing’ is not compromised when clothing is selected.
For Winter 2013, we aim for colour, ‘quality’, comfort and lots of fashion haven for the children.
When it comes to baby clothes online it is essential to look at the quality, the sizing charts, the pricing and the exchange and returns policy as well, cause lets face it, we think our baby is a size 0 but when we order a size 0, baby ends up being a size 00 or size 1 so exchange is an important aspect of the transaction.
Lets talk cost of the baby clothing and baby clothes in our wonderful home New Zealand. It is essential to know the baby clothing is cheap in cost but not cheap in the quality. It is also essential to have a variety of clothing available to choose from as you don’t want to be stuck with minimal styles and then have your baby come to the party and every 2nd baby has the same outfit on.
Also knowing how popular Adam and Eve Baby Wear have been with their baby boy tuxedos, they source and stock over 20 different styles in tuxedos and boys wedding suits and attire. These tuxedos include 4 to 6 piece suits with tailored jacket style and pants and 2 bow ties for your choice and preference which are fully lined to meet the comfort of the child.
There are tuxedo romper suits which include different prints from the traditional black and white to pinstripe and handkerchief print to add to the embellishment of the suit.
There are long sleeve, short sleeve, shorts style, knickerbockers style, summer and winter style and are made from cotton blend to ensure the comfort of the baby and the reassurance of the carer that their baby is not irritated by the material.
With the traditional cotton comfort of the onesie romper tuxedo having an opening at the bottom for easy and hassle free access for nappy changes and quick bath or rinse wash and for the elegant all over design in the romper that doesn’t take away from the classy yet baby cuteness feel, the baby tuxedos have been selling like hot cakes and always in stock and ready for next day dispatch.

A must visit site and be sure to know that if your looking for baby clothing online, you will be surprised to find all your needs and styles for your special little princess or prince in this website that houses over 1500 items of baby clothing to meet your style and demand and sure to turn heads at any event.
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