Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cheap Baby Tuxedo

Baby boys, baby boy clothing, baby boy wedding suits, baby boy tuxedo, baby boy outfit.... my heart palpates at the thought of how much it is going to cost me to buy my twin boys and their 3 year old brother the wedding suits and baby boy tuxedo. I also have to factor in the cost of shipping and shoes and as my baby boy twins are only 6 months, means I have to buy bibs to keep these outfits clean.

Oh boy, even thinking about the mess they will make in these expensive outfits makes me want to cancel the whole attendance for the event. But I cant, my 3 year old is the paige boy and he must attend, after all its his aunty and I cant just say sorry we cant participate cause its going to cost me an arm and a leg and a lot of blood pressure medications to partake in this event.

As I vented my concerns to my colleagues at work, I had a colleague who was passing by the kitchen lunch room hear my conversation and she stopped and did a 180 turn and came back to me and said these 5 magical words "ADAM AND EVE BABY WEAR".

I said pardon, what is this Adam and Eve thingy you are referring too.

She (Amy) replies "I know your pain, I know what you mean, go visit their site".

In a flurry we all get out our smart phones and believe me this site even had a mobile friendly version for

The amazing outfits that were on their front page, show casing the tuxedos, wedding suits and baby tuxedos is precisely the saviour of the day I needed. It was phenomenal. The detail and cuteness in the baby tuxedo and wedding suits was brilliant.

Oh was OMG.... WOW, LOOK AT THIS.... and the PRICING was sensational.

My friend (now bordering best colleague friend) said you can get packages with baby tuxedo wedding suits and shoes and matching bibs for under $50.00.

I think the internet nearly broke with the amount of ohhhhhs and wowowowoowowow that were coming from the reaction to the great little outfits and tuxedo sets that were so well presented and available for few days delivery.

Also if you spent over $50.00, you will automatically get free shipping and a trackable parcel. How cools is that. My friend Amy also swore that the items are just as they appeared on line and well presented and packaged. I was so ready to just go on a buying spree with the baby wedding tuxedos and wedding suits.

It meant I could buy the outfits for the twins and the suit for the older son without having to spend over $100.00 and that's a real shock, absolute shock and unheard of and free shipping to my nominated address.

A must visit and shopping online experience that I found very fruitful, satisfying and ticked all the boxes and had sizing from 00000 - 5 in the wedding attire and suits and rompers and tuxedos.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Baby boy clothing in Australia

Baby boy clothing in Australia is a tough market to break into. Usually when you hear 'cheap' you think cheap  quality! Not with
It's a perfectly presented site that allows  you to navigate your needs based in the specialized item your after.
So if your after cheap baby boys clothes or cheap baby boys tuxedo, you have on the left side a tool bar that categorizes the pricing, the sizing, the style, the age, the gender and the occasion for you.
It's a brilliant idea and quite simple but helps the online shopping experience streamline and hassle free.
As bloggers and online sensationalist we like to google and cull the best of the best sites for different types of shopping experiences. has helped us finding the greatest little outfits for baby boys tuxedos for some of the girls In Our office that offer cheap yet excellent and high quality clothing at a fraction of the price of sown branded sites and clothing.
A must visit for the baby boy tuxedo shopping spree you are after for your little mans wardrobe malfunctions and clothing desires.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Halloween Costumes for Baby

Halloween is coming! Have you purchased baby clothes/costumes already?

Here's the list of baby costumes that your baby will surely love:

1. Superman costumes 

Details: :Baby boy suit 2 pieces set. Superman Costume with a removable cape. Superman Logo is on the front of the romper with 3D stitch. Legs are knee length.

2. Batman Costume

Baby boy suit 2 pieces set. Batman Costume with a removable cape. Batman Logo is on the front of the romper with 3D stitch. Legs are knee length.


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